Multiwatt adapter for PROTO-BOARD insertion

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Currently I'm doing a project and I would like to insert a LMD18200 into a Global Specialties PROTO-BOARD PB-103, this board has got an standard 0.1'' drill pattern, but the LMD18200 package is a TO-220 with 11 leads (Note_1) which don't match on the board, the package is also known as Multiwatt I think (

Does anyone knows of an adapter so that I can connect the circuit to the PROTO-BOARD?, something like a Multiwatt to DIP adapter or anything similar.

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Note_1: I've attached a drawing of it, National Semiconductor calls this package "ta11b".



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I would not recommend trying to plug power IC's onto these types of boards. The contact area in the holes is very minimal, and can produce a lot of heat on high current carrying connections. I would recommend making all power and output connects by hard-wiring them to the pins off the board, and only running signal and control connections to the board. I have seen a lot of these boards where the nylon around the holes has turned brown from overheated pins.

It's also harder to attach big heatsinks to power IC's that are plugged into these boards.