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    Mar 9, 2011
    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum and to designing with multisim. We are students aeronautical engineering and have to make a project: control an aircraft instrument with a normal pc and a PCB.

    Now we have a PCB that we think that works. Our promotor wants us to design the pcb inside multisim.
    I've managed to design the basics: resistors, capacitators and ect. But we also use a DG403 analog switch, and I don't know how to add it in multilab. I've searched to create it myself, but I don't really understand well how to do it (it's difficult for someone with no expierence with multilab)

    Furthermore, our output is an arinc 429 connector (2x17 pins) Is it good that I just took one of the connectors from multilab? I took the HDR2x17 one... the same goes for the input, but there it's 2x8 pins.
    Another question I have, the voltage we use is +5V, and with a dc-dc converter (tracopower tma0505d) to convert it to -5V, but here again, I don't seem to find any dc-dc converter in multisim.

    The main issue that we have is the dc-dc converter and the dg403 analog switches. If anyone can give tips or can help I'd be very grateful. We've read through the manual but we need a spice file for the dg403, which I can't find on the internet or manufacterer website...
    Greetings all & thank you very much
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