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    Jan 26, 2008
    Hi, for a project at college im making a electronic dice and would like to push the boat out and have a go at having audio.So that when a number is displayed, that number will be played via a sound recording ic. ive managend to find a ic that has 6 audio segments, which i will record a seperate number on each segment. to play the number the corrisponding input has to be taken to the supply voltage. im using a bcd counter and bcd- to 7 segment led for the dice so i am trying to find a way to be able to select the right audio input from the the number bieng displayed. seeing that i am using a bcd counter. is there a way of using a multiplexer ic that will use the bcd ic output to selecet what channel the multiplexier is outputting. for example i could have all he inputs to the multiplexier connected to the supply voltage and the outputs connected to the audio ic inputs and and use bcd ic to controll this? if so could you offer some advice on a ic or better still any better ideas. many thanks.