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    I use a multiplexer to connect several devices to measure values. I use the multiplexer "USB-ERB-24", so I can measure 24 device in the same time. I have already ordered the multiplexer, but until now it is not received .. So I was thinking to prepare the software.
    My question here is, I programmed the multiplexer blindly and would like that you checked my program, if it is right [​IMG]

    In the picture you can see that I used "wait" and "timing" funktion becuase the release time should be probably 50 ms .. It means that the data is read from a device, and after 50 ms have to read the data from the next connected device..etc? Here I did not set a fixed value for the release time ... maybe I have a mistake and that my multiplexer will doing the release time automatically because in the Datenscheet stand that the release time is 50 ms?I donot know if the the mux doing that automatically an i donot need to use here "Wait" or "timing" function?

    The second part of the Programm is:I will not use only a one multiplexer but two multiplexers. So I can measure 47 instead of 24 device . So in the last relay (nr. 24 Input) of the multiplexer1 will I connect the second multiplexer . therefor it was necessary to extend my program .. See picture 2 in ULX "" I joined towards smaller feature .. So it will be tested by data on how much device are connected, in other words, it has checked by the creation of the array which values are True (True value = device connected) and the true values will be in a new array added , after generating the new array, it will determined the array size( the new array size) , if the array size = 24==> the second mutiplexcer is connected, and the waiting time (Releas time = 24 * release time waiting) .Is it correct, that i am doing the extension in "Data write"? Do you think until now is everything is ok, or not?
    Thank you for your help [​IMG]
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