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    Hello Everyone

    I am working on a project were I need to attach 4 PC headsets & mics to one pc. I know I need a mixer of some kind, but (and please correct me) I have found PC's use electret mics instead of the more common dynamic mics that audio mixer boards use. (I figured that out by buying a cheap Radio Shack mixer and it wouldn't work.)

    Can anyone help me with an inexpensive mixer circuit for 4 PC (electret) mics and stereo headsets? Thank you so much!

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    you have to built an amplifier of around 5W to drive multiple headsets, you can get hybrid amplifier IC's that use minimum components and will get better results, and as for the mic you have to built a low nice condenser mic pre-amp to input mic audio to the line input of the PC, this out put should be at a level low enuf to minimize distortion.
    But I think condenosr mic works at mic input of the PC, you have to adjust the settings in the pc.

    Try this website, you'll get a lot of insight in every type of audio devices you can built.
    This is an excellent choice of audio hobbist.

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