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Hi there everyone:) I've always been a big fan of little electronic projects in my spare time, though until recently (just started my electrical engineering undergrad degree a few months ago) I haven't had the technical knowledge to do anything too complicated. Since I'm taking this electronics thing further now (and loving it:p), I'm thinking I need to upgrade my multimeter. The one I have now is just a simple voltage, current and resistance tester, but obviously there's a lot more out there. Any recommendations? (not necessarily specific models, but features I should look out for / are a waste of money)

Also, I read somewhere yesterday that the electrical engineer's three most important tools are a multimeter, logic tester and oscilloscope. When they say "logic tester" what exactly are they referring to? Is it anything more than the simple continuity feature I have on my little multimeter?



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I picked up a logic tester many years ago at Radio Shack. It was good for dropping into my tool case for field work, as the o'scopes back then were large, heavy, and needed 120VAC.

At my bench, however, I found the o'scope to do all a logic tester could, and more. The LT could show HIGH, LOW, and pulsing, for TTL or CMOS. The scope could show me all that, AND the frequency of the pulses, the voltage levels, and any overshots or ringing.