multi vibrators


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Binary is a math system that also translates into an electronic code, digital.

Multivibrator is a specific type of digital circuit. Check Wikipedia for information overload.

Basically there are three kinds of multivibrators,

1. Monostable Multivibrator - also known as a one shot or a timer.

2. Astable Multivibrator - The oscillator refered to previously.

3. Bistable Multivibrator - a set reset flip flop.

The base circuit is pretty simple for all three, usually they revolve around two inverters, or inverting gates. With the addition of a resistor capacitor 1 and 2 can be created.


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One way to learn more is to take a look at a datasheet for a multi-vibrator integrated circuit (also referred to as a one-shot). You can look for a 74HC123 as well as others that are available.