multi-sensor network with arduino mega without using a multiplexer or a decoder

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Man Noula

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i have a Project that consists on connecting 20 same type sensors with arduino mega but i can't find a sensor that meets my needs

the criteria are: rgb + light intensity sensig ,that i can use in multi-sensor network (i2c,uart,spi...) with a different independent adress for each sensor without using a multiplexer or a decoder because i need that all the sensors work Simultaneously


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If multiple sensors are connected with I2C, uart, spi, one wire, or even a multiplexer then you can still only read them one at a time. The only way round that is to have a system which allows the uC to broadcast a trigger signal to the sensors so that they all take a reading at the same time, then you can read the results in sequence but all the results would have been taken at the same time, although they are read at different times. I2C includes the broadcast facility but, unless you can find a suitable sensor which works like that then you are going to making the sensor interface yourself.
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