Multi position dip switch?

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by trs300, May 25, 2010.

  1. trs300

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    May 22, 2010
    Hi All, I could swear inside my garrage door opener remote the security codes are set using a series of DIP slide switches, each slide with a series of 9 positions... Am I imagining this?

    Bottom line is I'm looking for a slide selection switch (6 positions would be perfect) that can be placed on a PC board. I have googled all over createion and found only this single one...

    Are there no other choices? Like the miniture slides in my garage remote...

    Any tips?

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    Apr 20, 2004
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    Sep 7, 2009
  4. trs300

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    May 22, 2010

    I just have 1 songle INPUT, that can go to 1 of 6 possible OUTPUTs... I'm routing my input to one of six destinations...

    Hope this makes sence.

    I like the board mounted Rotory switch!

    Not sure. I'll need to look at it in detail. Thanks for the link!
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    Grayhill Inc. makes a very large variety of PCB mount switches. Your garage door opener has a DIP switch in it. You can get DIP switches in a wide variety of configurations.

    Try starting with this search on Digikey: switch

    Then click '6' for positions, and hit the Search button.
    Then check the "In stock" box, and hit Search again.
    Slowly get more selective until you get the list down to under a few hundred items.