Multi Charger for Tablets & Mobiles Powered by Solar Panel

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I am new to this site and have nothing to do with electronics but am looking for some advice.
I have installed an 80watt solar PV panel with a solar charge controller and have purchased an Orico DCS 118U-BK charging unit that will charge 2 tablets and 2 mobile phones simultaneously. The unit is powered by a 240v AC input to 12V DC 3A output power supply. I could use a 12v DC to 240v AC inverter to power the charging unit but would rather connect DC to DC.
It seems the output voltage from the charge controller may reach 15V DC so my question is:- would the charging unit be likely to suffer damage due to the higher voltage? and if so is there a cheap way to provide a stable 12V DC (12.4V when I measured it with a meter) 3A output from a variable DC input?
Your help would be gratefully received