Much Help needed! PWM motor controller

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    Nov 8, 2009
    I'm "custom" building a electric bike. I'm using large batteries and a large motor on a small bike. LOL I'm hoping for a long run time/range per charge, as well as a nice high end top speed maybe like 50 mph. (I've already had a similar bike (non-elec) up to 48 mph so with the right gearing it shouldn't be a totally unrealistic goal.

    ok so the picture shows most of what I'm working with in this project so for. I'm NOT an electrical engineer by any stretch, so if someone could recommend a good "ready made" speed control that could really help. Or if they aren't "that hard" to build i probably could muddle through it with the proper direction. The other is a photo of the bike frame I'm "starting" with.

    Does anyone out there with a far amount of knowledge of what I'm doing feel like helping me take on this endeavor?

    Thanks in advance for all your insight and time, ~Evan


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    A single-phase capacitor start motor will not be suitable for your project.

    It basically has two speeds, "ON" and "OFF". Zero RPM, or 3450 RPM. That motor needs to run on 60Hz 120VAC; if you try to use PWM, you will be very disappointed in the results. If you try to alter the input frequency, you will also be disappointed, along with having a burned-up motor.

    PWM is for control of DC motors.