MTR3000 base station/repeater

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    Jan 28, 2014
    Dear All

    I am using Motorola MTR3000 as a base station with 10 portable radios the problem occurs when i set the base station Tx1 Rx1 similar to portable radio Tx1 Rx1
    All portable radios are out of range but when i set the base station Tx1 is portable Rx1 and base station Rx1 is the portable Tx1

    all radio are in coverage zone which means i used the MTR3000 as a repeater

    so how can i use it as a base station ?
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    You will need to obtain the proper software to reprogram the repeater to a simplex frequency instead of the duplex frequency it is on now.

    If it was being used as a repeater, chances are good you do not have the required transmit receive relay. This would allow the antenna to be automatically switched from the receiver to the transmitter.

    There are two connectors behind the plastic front panel that would allow you to connect a speaker and microphone to the MTR3000 for base station operation. Or you could purchase a tone remote control deskset and control the base station from another location only connected by a pair of wires.