MSB , LSB of 4 bit counter

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by Nathan Hale, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Nathan Hale

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    Oct 28, 2011
    Hello guys! hope all is well!
    Can some one please tell me if Q3 is the MSB or LSB of a up counter? Also can you please tell me if Q0 is the MSB or LSB of a down counter. (We are taking about a 4 bit counter here.)
    Thank You
  2. shteii01

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    Feb 19, 2010
    Kinda depends on the manufacturer.

    Open datasheet and start reading.
  3. JohnInTX


    Jun 26, 2012
    Q3 would be the MSB of a 4 bit counter in either the up or down mode. Its weight is 2^3. Q0 would be the LSB in up or down mode with a weight of 2^0.

    The naming of the Q outputs can vary but its always in weighted order i.e. MSB->LSB is Q3->Q0, QD->QA etc.
  4. tshuck

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    Oct 18, 2012
    Despite what JohnInTX describes is the most common way (and arguably the most reasonable), there is nothing stopping a designer from labeling the outputs as banana, chicken, rock, and snorkel.

    So, read the datasheet if this is an IC, or trace the logic flow if this is a discrete implementation...
  5. ErnieM

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Nothing besides decades of engineering tradition built upon centuries of mathematical progress.

    ZERO will always denote a lower quantity.

    But read the data sheet anyway. You never know what you'll find there.
  6. shteii01

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    Feb 19, 2010
    Funny story...

    I got old TI-55 calculator, it is from 1970s. It uses rechargeable battery pack. The pack is old and all corroded. I took it out. Now I have two wires. Red wire. Black wire. Care to guess which is positive and which is negative?