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You don't know what a ToastMaster Is or you you would not make
that statement.It a honor to behold,you should try It.


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For those of you who do not know what Toastmasters is all about, watch the following video with Mark Hunter, Champion, Toastmasters International's World Championship of Public Speaking 2009
Ok....I was sure a toast master was a finer variant of a burger flipper. I have always picture me a toastmaster was someone who worked in in fashionable and voguish hotels. At breakfast which is to about 11 on that kind of hotel. You take your slice of bread to the toastmaster. Then you tell the toastmaster how you want your bread toasted. Then your toast is done he will come to your table and deliver the the toast on a silver plate. And perhaps give you complements for your exquisite taste regarding your tie or suit. For some reason I had a little trouble picturing me Lossewire in that kind of role. But now I understand. A toastmaster is a well spoken and entertaining public speaker. That clear things up a bit. And for sure Loosewire, if you want to be toastmaster just go for it.
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