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    Oct 23, 2004
    Hey guys,
    I just got a PIC16F877 and wanted to practice writing out some code, however i don't have programmer yet.

    I download MPLAB, and just wanted to ask , is it possible to check the syntax etc of the code i write using MPLAB? can i track the values of various registers etc to see whether they changed value or not?

    Another thing, once i choose the device (PIC16F877), could i use the name of the registers straight away? or do i have to equate the Name with the address ( eg: STATUS equ 03h ) ?

    Thanks alot guys,
  2. n9352527

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    Oct 14, 2005
    Syntax checking, if you compile the program it'd show if there is any error.

    Use the simulator to run your program. You could watch just about anything.

    If you created a project through the wizard thingy you would get the appropriate include files and linker automatically. Otherwise check that appropriate include files and linker are selected. These will equate the names with addresses and map the addresses during linking.