mplab C30 toolsuite and 16f887

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    I am a newbie with all of this so have patience.

    I am trying to setup the C30 toolsuite with MPLAB v8.63 and it install correctly,etc...

    When I attempt to compile a C project for a pic16f877 or pic16f887 μchip and I get "this processor is NOT SUPPORTED by the C30 suite."

    What the heck? Is MPASM my only option with these processors? I looked at the HITech stuff and was not happy it limits you to only one memory bank unless you drop major money.

    I am a hobbyist, not a professional.

    Thanks for only info you can provide.
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    Try the 18F4620 and C18 SE.
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    As stated, switch to the PIC18 line and use Microchips C18

    For the PIC12 and PIC16 lines, use Hi-Tech C, MikroC, or BoostC, those are the three most widespread for code on the web. Keep in mind though, that they are NOT completely compatible. e.g. source code for Hi-Tech will not compile in Mikro C, etc. Though code can be modified to work, it is easier to get one of the common compilers and sticking with it.

    Use C30 for the dsPIC series from Microchip. Microchip doesn't have a "C16" compiler for use with the 10F to 16F series, the 18F series is a bit different than the PIC12/PIC16 to be more "Friendly" to C compilers.