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It looks like its going to be 9v. I'll be using 2 six ohm,six watt speakers that came from a high end radio alarm clock. I know i will be going through batteries like crazy but I haven't seen a small 12v battery. The only electronic store nearby is radio shack and they have a crappy selection of amps. I wish I could use the tea2025 but i'm not that good figuring out the schematic. is there an easier one? i have included the data sheet for the tea amp. it's the only one I can find and it's the one I can't get to work.I would appreciate any input. Thank you.
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When a 9V battery is brand new, the TEA2025 stereo amplifier will produce a max of 1.3W per channel at slightly less than clipping into 6 ohms. The heating will be a total of about 1.8W so the total power from the battery is 4.4W and its max current will be 489mA.

I don't have a graph of a 9V battery at such a high current but I have one that shows that at 400mA the voltage drops to 7V in about 20 minutes and it drops to 6V in about 40 minutes.

But you don't play music at full blast all the time (acid rock?).