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    Jul 21, 2008
    I have never really moved very much in my life.
    And I am at the point of a change in location.

    What I want to know is what are the major or best moving truck options out there currently.

    I know there is ryder , uhaul , enterprise trucking rentals , Thrifty , and Budget.

    Based on my moving destination, size of truck needed and date of move I can find out the prices of how much it will cost to move my stuff from all of these different websites.
    I am even going to call to find more info /options on those 5 moving companies

    What I want to know is what you guys/girls use when moving?
    And what you think is the best option normally i.e cheapest , least amount of hassle , and enough time without rushing to unload / return truck...etc
    As well if there is any other companies I should consider when renting a truck? (Think those cover 90% but I could be wrong )
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    Apr 16, 2010
    Technically, none of the ones you listed are moving companies because (to the best of my knowledge) they don't provide any labor. They just rent you the truck and sell you supplies.

    I have rented from U-haul to move a couple of times, and everything went well. As a result, I would use them again. Just be aware that their supplies (boxes, tape, blankets, etc.) are pretty pricey, and you would be better off to buy that somewhere else. That being said, their boxes are very good quality and will be more durable than what you get at the liquor store.

    And also be aware that once you show up to rent the truck, they want to add on as much as possible, e.g., dollies, hitches, lights, and such. Have as much of that covered before you get there.
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    Jul 21, 2008
    Also curious about hiring professional movers.
    ( I am probably not going to do this but would want to know all my options just in case of the future I have a heavy item to move or something )

    1) what are the main companies I should consider when hiring a professional mover?

    2) How much time in advance should you provide them. (i.e is it normally you can call anytime say a few days before the move or must you reserve a time a month or so before )

    3) How much is the average price for professional movers. (i.e is it a fixed rate for a certain quantity or is it more like per hour or many be both options ...if so which one is the best to go with fix or per hour )

    4) Do there service just load the items in the truck or do they drive the truck to the destination and unload it as well?
    Basically can you hire them to do the whole thing i.e they are responsible for the truck , driving , loading/unloading?
    Can you hire them for just loading or just driving or just unloading ? ( this is for personal moving obvious for companies / business they can setup any kind of negotation more easilly )

    Curious if anybody has had alot of experience with professional movers
    Thanks for any help
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