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    Apr 24, 2010
    There're a couple of forums I like visiting and I thought I'd post there the situation I'm going through and get the forum members' opinion and tips about that.

    I've been working so far for a very small hi-tech company as an hardware engineer (however, I'm still an electric engineering student).
    It is my first job in hi-tech.
    As some of you might know, the work routine in small companies is very unique:

    Bad things:
    - Very tensed work
    - You got lots of responsibilities and things to take care of (which means less private time and many worries)
    - Your personal desk is always messy as you get your hands dirty with many things (soldering circuits, testing boards, debugging modules, and so on)
    - You find yourself stay up late occasionally

    Good things:
    - You are exposed to many technologies and get great experience in many different fields
    - Lots of joking around with the guys
    - You make a difference

    I'm about to start off a new job in a very large company.
    In my current job, I occupy a position of hardware and software development, and in my future job, I'll occupy a position of HW and SW verification, which is totally different.

    I'd like to have your opinions about how should I professionally and socially behave in my new job, while taking into account that:
    - I'm moving from my first job in a very small company to a very large company
    - My position changes from HW and SW development to HW and SW verification

    For example, How would you suggest recording all the new things I'll be taught during my first months, how oftenly shall I ask my co-workers questions and how to approach them about that, anything that crosses your mind. [​IMG]

    Thank you very much.
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    Dec 5, 2009
    I say start by letting them know who's boss.

    You tell them to KNOCK before they enter your office!

    You tell them that you want you coffee there at 8:07am with 3creams 6 sugars!

    Yeah... Start with that. Then give me the staffing offices phone number... I've got a resume to put in ;)

    ACTUALLY, take it easy your first few days.

    Big business is a lot like small business. The folks in your "group" will tend to be close and hate the upper management. (And middle)

    Just be yourself and be respectful and lie low for awhile...just until you have a comfortable feel for the flow of the new environment.

    THEN tell them to get the coffee. ;)
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    Apr 25, 2008
    Don't ask how you are doing to any one, read the personell
    package untill you understand the policies. don't seek friend
    ships,let them develope slowly. Give your assignment the attenion.
    Let your work do the talking for you. If you need to,use your home
    computer to ask questions on the forum.I have never seen a question
    that this forum was unable help with,use the private mail on the forum as an
    asset. read some past posting on forum that relate to your work.
    Note the names of the members or that is related to your work.The
    moderators are a great source of Information,they like to answer
    questions In open forum for all to read, good luck on your job.
    Don't talk benefits. With H.R. dept"s of today If you did not know your
    work you would not be there,now you need to do the work.
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    Apr 24, 2010
    Thank you very much for the advices guys :)

    I'd be happy to see more opinions.