Moving from PIC to Arm7 Family

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Hi All

Currently working on project were we would like to move from using the PIC 18 C 452 to microntroller in the Arm7 family.

The basics behind project is that PIC is attached onto a custom built PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The source code burnt on to the PIC allows us to open and colse valves, via RS452, read pressure transmitters, send and receive data via RS232 from a PC etc.

The source code was developed using the MPLAB IDE and C18 compiler. Will this source code compile on the Arm7 platfrom and would it work as intended would I still be able to tranmit commands from my terminal software to an Arm7 microcontroller which in turn would then poll a transmitter.

Has anyone done something simillar before, Could anyone enlighten me into some of the issues I may face. Still at stage of deciding is it worth the effort of moving