Moving from PBASIC to PICBASIC

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I just ran across PICbasic online.

Was wondering if anyone had any pros or cons about it.
I am a super beginner having only programmed for about a month in BASIC.
But i have already learned so much. So much in fact I have been able to build a little tank robot and implement peripheral circuits for pwm, timing, ect. (my beginnings can be seen in previous posts.)

I have already run into limitations of the BS2 and want to start with PIC's and make the jump to C. But I saw PICbasic and was curious.
Thanks for any input!
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I personally have been using PicBasic Pro. (Keep in mind I have only been coding for 2 months now) but as far as being able to code everything i've needed so far, PBP has been pretty fantastic.

now I need to go checkout Swordfish Basic.


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I've heard about Swordfish being the best BASIC compiler for PIC, but I use mikroBASIC. Reason: Plenty of library routines, quick help from their support forums, well documented, plenty of examples and best of all support all the way from PIC12 to dsPIC33. But I think, Swordfish is only for PIC18. I had a look at PBP once, but I just didn't like it.


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There is only one limitation to coding in any high level language that's Timing for this you need to be able to do assembler simpley breaking into assembler using the


// your asm code here timing etc particularly for precise small time delays You have to remember that due to pipe lining you end up with extra time delays because of the jump to instructions where the pipeline is flushed so you need to take this into account

} //

Continue in Pic basic

Pic basic which is very good for other approaches it depends on you some people prefer to program in C I have both Pic basic and Boost C which is also very good but lacks functionality that PIC basic has to some degree although with Boost C you can write your own templates etc which can prove very useful and produce your own libraries A distinct advantage in some respects

Worth checking both