motors Interlocking help?????

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    I want to run two motors(via any source VFD etc) in such a manner that while one of the two motors is running, the other should not start even someone give command to it and until and unless the first one did not come to zero RPM(complete rest).
    plz give me the corresponding circuit.

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    I found this post in "the completed projects" section.
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    You've already asked this question, in different wording, here.

    my answer was:
    I suppose that answer was not helpful. If an answer is not helpful, we can discuss. I will elaborate.

    VFDs usually have a few multipurpose relay outputs which can be assigned to engage on zero speed. So you can wire this relay in series with the run signal of the other VFD.
    For example, VFD1 controls motor1 and VFD2 controls motor2. Wire the run signal of VFD1 through the Zero Speed relay of VFD2, so that VFD1 will not run if VFD2 is running, and vise versa.

    I will need more info before I can give a better answer. Info, like the specific VFD you use.