MotorMaster Eliminator charger/booster/tester

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    Jul 22, 2012
    As title says have here a MotorMaster Model 11-1586-4 battery charger with engine start and alternator tester. Lites up but no output. No obvious signs of damage. There are three boards, first is the main control and display which has the power switch to select rapid charge/engine boost-off-fast/trickle charge/test. Other buttons to select timer mode, charge rate of 2/20/55/150 amps, voltage and current display.

    The power board mounted on a large metal heat sink has four SCR's which must be the main rectifiers and control of current ouput. There is no sign of an heating or damage and all read similar resistances between leads. Just looking at the red and black leads (two of each) connecting from the transformer to the board I'm guessing we have here two center tapped full wave rectifiers. I do need to study the transformer wires more closely.

    There is a third small board un-mounted. No idea what it's purpose may be.

    Any hope of a drawing or perhaps a theory on how the thing may operate?

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