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    Feb 2, 2012
    I have a bit of a quandry. I want to use a bldc motor to spin a magnet. That's it. The motor I have chosen is out of a PS2 slim, because of it's speed, size, and lack of vibration. It also helps that there is a spindle hub mounted on the shaft that I can mount the magnet to. What I plan to do is mount the motor in a small project box, attach a diametrically charged rare earth magnet, on it's side, to the spindle hub, apply an on/off switch and a LED indicator. To run the motor, I will install an ESC (what kind???), and possibly use a potentiometer to set a constant speed. I would like to run the whole thing on 2 AA batteries. I already built a similar model using a brushed dc motor and it works great. Now I want to step it up by making the unit more compact and increasing the rpms so I can get the most out of the 7300 micro gauss magnets.
    The motor has SMT01A stamped on the base plate, E98162 stamped on the base board, and 9 wire connection points where the ribbon is soldered. Which controller do I use with this? And can I use a 1/2 watt trimmer pot (Bourns 3386 series equivalent) with 3 pins to set the speed? Also, do you think 2AA batteries would last more than 2 hours with configuration?
    The reason for this project is that when you spin these magnets, it emits a measurable emf field about 4 feet out. The paranormal activity is really amplified this way!
    Thanks for any help, guys (and girls).
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    First off, u cannot use a trim pot to vary motor speed. It's not as simple as that.

    Can you show us ur project, like with pictures or a drawing may be.
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    Feb 2, 2012
    Ok. Good to know, no pots. Just a rheostat with 3 pins, then. The last EM pump consisted of a 2xAA battery pack, on/off micro switch, T1 LED (in parallel), and a dc motor from a portable dvd player, all in a larger, 6" radio shack project box. The motor is balanced using a couple washers attached to the side of the magnet, then sandwiched in foam rubber. It looks clean and works great. It's just bigger than I want it to be. Can't post a pic tonight from my phone, but I will as soon as I get to my laptop in the morning. Also hacked a portable radio to constantly scan at high speed (known as a Frank's Box). This makes it possible to talk to the ghosts over the airwaves. Its like when lightning strikes in the distance and you hear it on AM stations. Some of you are laughing. Go to a cemetary and try it. It might freak you out!
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    I'm getting some strange vibrations about this project.