Motor Control with PIC16F

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i want c code for pwm generation to do in PIC16f?

hi friend,,
i am going to do fuzzy logic project to control the motor,when obstacle is detected,i am going to use two ultrasonic sensor, if left ultrasonic is detected then it will automatically slow down the left motor when right side motor is going fast. same as if right ultrasonic sensor is detected then it will automatically slow down the right motor when left motor is going please tell me how to do,what are all components required ,how to do,then i need c code for this project.pls help me to get good output and give me some snapshot to understand easily..
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You say you are going to do this project, then you ask us to provide you with how to do it, what components you need and the code to do it.

If we provide you with all that, what are YOU going ot provide ?

you'll get more help if you have a go yourself then ask about particular problems you have. We, well everybody else really, can then provide guidance on how to solve the problems.

You will need to provide schematics and code listings.