Motor Control Circuit-Timers

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Ok guys i'm new to this site and hope to gain some valuable advice from everyone! Im an apprentice electrician and was recently given an assignment in class having to do with motor controls. I have a sprinkler system that is run by 4 pumps(motors). At 7am, all 4 pumps come on. At 8 am, pumps 1&3 turn off and pumps 2&4 continue to run. At 9 am pumps 2&4 turn off and pumps 1&3 come on. At 10 am all pumps are running, and at 11 am all pumps turn off. My assignment is to come up with a wiring diagram and to wire this scenario up on a board my instructor has made consisting of 4 magnetic motor starters(contactors) simulating the pumps, time delay relays, a time clock, and various other relays and limit switches etc., all of which i do not have to use but are availabe. I have no experience with time delay relays and was hoping to get some suggestions and ideas on how to make this work. I was basically thinking of using the time clock to energize the time delay relays and using no/nc contacts on the relays to get the pumps to do what i want, but im just not very clear on how to put all of this together. Any ideas?


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Start by drawing a timing diagram so the whole thing gets less confusing.

Then it would be helpful if you tell us the time delay relay and the clock model # / manufacturer.