=== Motion Sensor Install for HELP needed please ===

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Hello, I have 50watt flood light which I would like to hook it up to a motion sensor. When searching how to hook up I keep getting different answers so I sought to ask the professionals (those reading this)

Specs: Flood light is 50watts with wiring: Yellow= Ground, Blue, Brown. (see pic) which is currently attached to a adapter and works perfect when plugged into a outlet

Motion sensor: Wiring: Blue, Red, White (capacity=1000w)
Specs on manual says: Blue= Neutral, Red= Live, White= Load

Will use with 14AWG romex wiring: Black, White, w/ ground for inside my garage.

If someone can please explain in detail which wire do I connect my 14AWG wire on the sensor and from the sensor to the light (or vice versa) I would be very veryyyy grateful. Or draw a pic on a paper and upload it from your phone so I get a visual then ohh God Bless you!

I taken the liberty in attaching the pics of the sensor and the Flood light wiring so you get a idea of it all.

Sensor: http://lookpic.com/O/i2/1708/m7BDR3qI.jpeg
Flood Light wire: http://lookpic.com/O/i2/1765/WaKRkipo.jpeg
Flood Light Adapter: http://lookpic.com/O/i2/1578/lX4FlUxV.jpeg
Light Adapter side view: http://lookpic.com/O/i2/1251/5Ozapi3d.jpeg

MANUAL Diagram: http://lookpic.com/O/i2/286/CFvfcmoe.jpeg


And if anyone doesn't mind answering is it possible to add two of the same sensors to one light?