Most efficient way to run esp32/8266 or weemos d1 on a battery

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Hey. I will be working on a little project to automate home using wifi module devices. Most likely it will be either esp8266 or weemos mini d1, depending on how many GPIOs i will need.

From what I have read, the better options are to use:
1.LiFePO4 type batteries

Since LiFePO4 batteries are close to 3.3V, I could probably connect it straight to 3.3V. Unlike the LiPo batteries, since they have higher output voltage, I would need to use voltage regulator ( internal or external) and I would loose efficiency.

Funcitonality wise, the system will be taking various sensor readings from the remote places arround the garden and send the data to the server using MQTT. I will be using deep sleep function of esp and send the data arround every 10 minutes or so. I need atleast a minimum of few months of battery life ideally up to 6 months before I need to recharge it. Any suggestions?
A little pricey, but it claims 94% efficiency - TPSM84203EAB by Texas Instrument. There are small switch mode regulators usually over 80% efficient. Still not ideal, but worth a look.