MOSFETS for ressonant pulsing

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    Agreed, in the case of liquid h2o, the molecular resonant frequency being somewhere near the infrared, that the pulsing seems useless. A thought just occurred though, couldn't any nth harmonic of that frequency cause oscillatory motion?
    As an example, imagine a clock pendulum. If pulsed on every cycle, pulsing is at resonance frequency -- but what if you only pulse it every 3rd, or 9th, cycle? It would still eventually end up swinging with the same force, at the same rate, only it would take longer to get it started, or it would need a stronger pulse....

    We may also assume that pulsing (or AC) is necessary to drive a step up transformer, without this we may never see the required Volts.

    Ok so I must have lied, I'm a WFC junkie, I just got back from raidoshack with a few new FETs and I still have no Fin clue what the difference between P type and N type is. Will they both work with the 555 circuit if wired corerctly? Please help!

    I have now in possesion an IRF510 N-channel, 60V 4A max.
    A Darlington TIP120 and TIP42, P-channel? they're the ones that say collector emitter base

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    If wired correctly, yes.
    Please read. Please learn.

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