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This is a great website for learning electronics. My only suggestion is to finish semiconductor chapter because that is my main line of interest. :) Any idea when that will be? I'm mostly interested in MOSFETs (Chapter 6) and Practical Analog Semiconductor Circuits (Chapter 9).
Did I tell you how great this site is? I think I did....


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Hi maisster,

Thanks for your comments. Sadly, we don't have a time-line for the completion of the Semiconductors chapters that are missing. The intention is to complete chapters that are partially complete, and correct sections that are erroneous or misleading.

If you are looking for information on MOSFETs, I recommend you look at Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra and Smith which you should be able to loan from your institution library - this text is IMO the definitive authority on the fundamentals of this subject.