MOSFET switch IRF520

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    Oct 19, 2010

    Im planing to design a small switching circuit to find the i-v characterstic of the MOSFET IRF520. The circuit diagram can be found at the attachment.In my circuit Vdd= 12V and the current through the load resistor is 100mA. I will vary the input voltage from 0V to 5V to find when the mosfet will switch on or off and by the voltmeter I will find the load voltage ( Vl) and the current ( Il).

    The datasheet for the MOSFET IRF520 can be found here :

    all what I want to learn is how can i found the value for load resistor ( Rl) and the gate resistor ( Rg). I understand how the MOSFET work, I read alot about it but the thing that I couldnt found it is how to calculate the resistors values. What equation can I use.

    I use this way to find the load resistor, is it correct?:

    Code ( (Unknown Language)):
    3. Vdd= Il * Rl
    4. Vdd= 12V
    5. Il=100mA
    7. so Rl = ( 12) / ( 100mA) = 120 OHMS

    if it is correct, what about Rg. how can i find it. can I use a 1M resistor ?

    Im waiting your replays.

    Thanks alot