Mosfet push/pull source follower

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Hi everyone,

I have this following problem (uploaded it in the pdf). I have made an attempt at solving it, but now i am just stuck.

I have done question one, and have confirmed my answers in PSpice.

my Id = 16uA, Vgs = 1.4V and Vds = 4.6V ( 3 + 8/5)
and for p-channel the values are just opposite.

My problem is that i am stuck on question 2 where i have to calculate Vout min, Vout max, Vin min, Vin max. I thought that Vout max is Vdd - Vod, but i seem to be wrong.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

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For the transistor model you are using, what are you defining the boundaries of the saturation region to be?