mosfet p channel led power supply

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The datasheet for your IRFZ44 says that it is fully turned on when its Vgs is 10V. The output of your PIC is only 5V when some IRFZ44 Mosfets barely turn on.
You should use a logic-level Mosfet like an IRLZ44 (see the L?) that turns on well with a Vgs of 4V or 5V.
The IRFZ44 is fully turned on,This is a manfactured circuit board. I have one hooked up and flashing 12 volt LEDs .I do not care what the specs say it works.

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With a Vgs of only 5V then your IRFZ44 Mosfets are not fully turned on. They need a VGS of 10V for all of them to conduct about 15A but you did not say how much current they drive. Some IRFZ44 Mosfets conduct only 0.25mA when the Vgs is 4V.

The TO-220 package was probably selected so that the Mosfets do not need a heatsink when the VGS and load current are low.
Maybe the manufacturer of the circuit board threw away the ones that got too hot because they needed a higher VGS.


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It seems there is a whole-lotta talking going on, even though there's
no plan, no schematic, no specs, no nuthin'.

The Thread Starter needs to state the "Overall-Goals" of his project,
preferably, along with Schematics of the existing Wiring, and proposed new Wiring.

A "Low-Side" N-FET Driver Chip
is not very interesting, or useful, with no surrounding Circuit.