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I've searched the forum for this essential piece of information but it seems no one else ever posted it. I want to ask about the MOSFET MODEL in PSPICE ( and generally all other components as well):
This is the model I extracted from Multisim for MOS_3TEN
Database Name : Master Database
Family Group : Transistors
Family : MOS_3TEN
Name : 2N6659
Author : TL
Date : October 07, 1998
Function :
Description : Vdss=35
: Vdgr=35
: Id=1.4
: Rds=3.6
: gFS=0.170
: Ft=
: Pd=6.25
: Package=TO-39
Thermal resistance junction : 170.00
Thermal resistance case : 20.00
Power dissipation : 6.25
Derating Knee Point : 25.00
Min Operating Temp : -55.00
Max Operating Temp : 150.00
ESD : 0.00
I notice there are a lot of parameters I ever recognise (even after I look up in many books) Do anyone know what they mean (or represent)
For example: Vdss (may be Vds saturated...) as I guest. (I concern about What are all like Vdgr, Id, Rds...)
Also, do you know any good source that can give quite a deep explaination about all the parameters in PSPice.



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There are two common models for MOSFET, Level 3 and BSIM3v3. You could get BSIM3 model documents from Berkeley U or get HSPICE manual here. The HSPICE manual contains both L3 and BSIM models parameters and equations. I don't know which version of PSPICE you are using, but most likely that is an L3 model since PSPICE support for BSIM3 came a bit late. The parameters are mostly common, but they sometime have slightly different name and approaches.

The treatments in this manual are complete but you need some understanding on MOSFET to fully appreciate the models. There are also models for other devices such as BJT, diodes, etc.