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I've searched the forum for this essential piece of information but it seems no one else ever posted it. I want to ask about the MOSFET MODEL in PSPICE ( and generally all other components as well):
This is the model I extracted from Multisim for MOS_3TEN
Database Name : Master Database
Family Group : Transistors
Family : MOS_3TEN
Name : 2N6659
Author : TL
Date : October 07, 1998
Function :
Description : Vdss=35
: Vdgr=35
: Id=1.4
: Rds=3.6
: gFS=0.170
: Ft=
: Pd=6.25
: Package=TO-39
Thermal resistance junction : 170.00
Thermal resistance case : 20.00
Power dissipation : 6.25
Derating Knee Point : 25.00
Min Operating Temp : -55.00
Max Operating Temp : 150.00
ESD : 0.00
I notice there are a lot of parameters I ever recognise (even after I look up in many books) Do anyone know what they mean (or represent)
For example: Vdss (may be Vds saturated...) as I guest. (I concern about What are all like Vdgr, Id, Rds...)
Also, do you know any good source that can give quite a deep explaination about all the parameters in PSPice.
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