MOSFET I-V characteristics using Probe station and Agilent's parameter analyzer

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    Jun 10, 2013
    Hey guys,

    I am using a CD4007 UB chip to analyze the IV characteristics of a PMOS and NMOS individually. The parameter analyzer allows me to provide voltages only at the gate, source and drain. For NMOS, I can 0v to source (pin 7), 0 to 5v swing to gate (pin 6) and 0 to 5 V swing to drain (pin 8).

    For PMOS, I gave -5 to 0V to the gate(pin 6), 0v to source (pin 14) and -5 to 0V to the drain. (pin 13). I an not able to receive the desired waveform with these readings. Am I doing anything wrong?

    Please let me know.