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    Apr 15, 2009
    I have a small circuit that plugs into an Audio output with a P2 connecter, and runs to a circuit which uses a TIP31c Transistor to light 4 LED's in series which light to the beat of the music, However i want to make a whole room light to the sound of the music, after some thought i figured that a relay is not a good idea because it will click and does not seem apropriate, I though of using a MOSFET instead, i basically understand that a MOSFET can be used like a relay with its switching application and can switch up to 20,000 times per second, so maybe i could use this to get some more Voltage/Current across to my 10mm White LED's

    Supply voltage was hard to measure with a multimeter because when the music was playing the multimeter was going crazy, it switched from 2V to 8V so hopefully this maybe enough.

    The area i am hoping to light is like the size of a small dance area 10mm LED's should do fine i am not sure how powerful each one is at the moment, the whole room thing before i dont know what i was on when i said that.