MOSFET Driver Selection

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I am building a solar peak power tracker using a buck converter and a microcontroller to control the PWM. I have the circuit sorted and most of the components selected.

What I am having trouble with is selecting a suitable MOSFET driver. The MOSFET drain will vary between 35.4V and 44.4V @ up to 25A. The source will be connected to a 16μH inductor as shown in the diagram. The 2 low-pass filter capacitors are 16μF. This is connected to a 24V battery.

The MOSFET I have chosen is

The PWM is built into the microcontroller and will be able to supply 8mA at 3.3V (

This PWM signal is what is needed to be amplified to power the mosfet.

Would a MOSFET driver be appropriate (and what driver), or could I use an op-amp (as shown in diagram)?

Many thanks