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i am making a conventional ZVS buck convertor with following specifications...
Vin=19V; I=2 A ; Vo=13V; switching frequency= 18kHz.

i am using IRFZ44N N-channel MOSFET for switching...

i have only IR2110 mosfet driver available with me.....

i need to know if its OK to use this driver for switching high side mosfet IRF Z44N for my DC-DC convertor as the mosfet driver has Io(min)= 2A. i want to know if the mosfet driver will use current from source to driver IRFZ44n thus hampering the working of convertor.

the link below gives the datasheet of IR2110

also i need to know how mosfet driver develops/generates current to drive mosfet, plz explain in detail???