Mortgage paid off... ?

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Last month, I sent in my final mortgage payment. The house was owner financed, and I have a warranty deed. The people I bought from filed a Satisfaction of Mortgage, and it's been recorded at the courthouse. Now, I have to figure out how to get the title transfer into my name. There aren't any issues that need to be sorted out by a lawyer, doubt it could be any simpler. Unfortunately, I don't know what's involved, nor do the sellers. It could be just as simple as going to the Clerk of Court, showing my copy of the deed and Satisfaction. But, nothing at the courthouse seems so simple.

I've done many searches, learned some fancy words, but mostly it seems like it's not commonly done by buyers or sellers, but by a lawyer, or a conveyance company. I prefer to do things myself, or at least try, before hiring somebody to do it for me.

Figure a few people here have paid off a house or two, maybe somebody knows something on this topic.


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Do you have any real estate broker (not agent) friends? They could probably advise you for Florida. I suspect it is state specific, and the broker may tell you how to do it as a good will gesture. Also, check out FSBO (for sale by owner), that site might have some advice. I would also check with the county auditor, who in most states records land ownership and title transfers.



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Things may be quite different in every state. Here in Missouri, you used to get the complete title. It could be a thick document depending on how many times the land had changed hands and how many divisions had been made of the original land purchase.

Now all you get is "title insurance". I think it's only relevance is to state that the property purchased is substantially in agreement with existing documentation. The change was probably prompted by the original transfer documents that mention the land and chattels, including slaves.


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If it were me, I'd make the folk down at the courthouse earn my tax money. I'd call them up and say "tell me what you know about getting the title in my name in this situation." They're supposed to be experts, and public servants, yes?