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At the end of this year we have more than 150000 members.
I know when I entered the AAC the membercount was at 20240 at 04-05-2008

At the moment of counting I had 150.789 at the counter.

Of these 27244 members ever posted at least 1 post and can be found in the memberlist.

Of these members there are 23607 New Members, these have posted 1 - 9 posts, of wich 10272 made only 1 post.
There are 2956 Junior members, these have posted 10 - 49 posts.
There are 317 Members, these have posted 50 - 99 posts.
There are 367 Senior Members, these have made more than 100 posts.

There are 56 members who posted more than 1000 posts.
Of these there are 9 members who posted more than 5000 posts.
Of these there are 3 members who posted more than 10000 posts.
Of these there is 1 member that has more than 20000 posts, our expert member SgtWookie.


PS the last time I counted was at the 100000 members barrier in oct 2010:
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It was a very long time since jrap opened the site. Motives have changed since then. Initially, it was a diploma project for post graduate studies (I think).


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Well Sgt will be hard to beat.
IMHO. It will be impossible. I reckon any one will see him leaving the top.

But I will be one of the 10 member category soon in near future, that is the third count place.

Clap, clap, clap to AAC.

By the way which forum(s) in the Net has the most members worldwide?


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At least in the field of electronics, probably Edaboard though it has some problems. The software and/or servers are buggy and they have a lot of users that have names starting like "Engnr..." who talk gibberish. It seems that some of the tech schools in India promote the use of the site which leads to large numbers of members with no staying power.


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I'm approaching 15000 myself. Posts are like birthdays though, the more you have the less it matters. It does suggest that maybe, just maybe, I need to get a life.