More PF problems. Answer check.

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I have the following question:

An industrial shop has a load of 10 KVA at a power factor of 0.34 lagging. A 5.0 KVAR capacitor is installed for power factor correction purposes. The new overall power factor of the shop would be:

I start off by drawing a power triangle with the angle -cos 0.34= 70.12 deg and Apparent Power of 10,000VA

From this I work out true power = 10000 x cos 70.12 = 3400W
Reactive Power = 10000 x sin 70.12 = 9404VAR

A 5000VAR Capacitor is added to the circuit. Which = 9404VAR - 5000VAR = 4404VAR.

New Apparent power= √3400²+4404² = 5563.7VAR

PF= TP/AP = 3400W/5563.7VAR = 0.611

Is this correct?