Monitor Issue: Philips 104E 14” monitor

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I’m using a Philips 104E 14” monitor. When I use it, it goes off suddenly (no even standby LED) and then it couldn’t be turn on. When it’s working I can’t control the horizontal width even with the control battens. I did following troubleshooting steps :

1. All dry-joints were soldered.

2.horizontal transistor TIP122 and H-Out transistor were replaced with new ones but problem still remain same.

3 .then in order to check the voltage at H-out transistor, 230V bulb was connected to the points where E and C of the H-out transistor were connected. (and H-out was removed from the board )When I turn on the monitor I found the bulb is blinking (this is abnormal and fixed voltage should come to the h-out Tr, I think.)

******After removing the H-out transistor amber color LED came up.

Can this be a Fly-back issue? Please guide how to troubleshoot this




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Found this link related to your problem:

Electrolytic caps don't age very gracefully. Some Asian manufacturers were using an electrolyte concentration that was much too strong; that leads to early cap failures.

Leaking caps can easily cause other components to get burned up due to the high currents involved; they may be quite a distance away from the leaking cap(s).

It sounds like you have a couple of unrelated problems going on. It's going to be hard to troubleshoot without a schematic.