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I have a problem just like that i have a gatway profile 4 with a good system and every thing i just dont need a other computer so i want to use it as a montior for a other computer (dual screens)..other computer has the capabilities..


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A Gateway Profile 4 LCD Display is just that, a color LCD Display, without any VGA Decoding hardware. The integrated video card generates both the direct LCD Drive signals and the VGA output on the back of the system. I've attached the pinout for the internal Video->LCD ribbon cable, which has no signals in common with a VGA connector.

The simplest would be to find a broken VGA LCD Monitor with good hardware and a broken screen, and replace the screen with the one from the Profile 4. A bit of a waste if the Profile 4 system is functional, since it would probably run Linux nicely. :)

This Link Has info on LCD Displays and interfaces/drives.


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:confused:Ive got a dead profile 4 completely gutted. Hoping to salvage lcd (Samsung) and turn it into working lcd monitor. Two cables coming out of back of lcd. 4 wire power cable and 13 wire shielded cable. My problem was trying to figure out how to attach the 13 wire cable to vga connector.
If I understand you correctly this is a waste of my time. Sorry, I dont understand your wiring diagram you kindly provided either. Any info would be appreciated.


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I was able to connect the gateway profile 4 screen to a VGA cable as it comes comlete with it's own samsung controller, in the metal housing right behind the Lcd panel itself. I used the original gateway power supply and pined everything out using my fluke multimeter. It works great as a stand alone LCD. The pinout that was posted earlier is for the connection from panel to controller, not what you need. The profile pc has a secondary standard VGA out on a riser card, that's what I used to find pinout. Do continuity tests from LCD connect on mobo to that Standard VGA out, cross reference this with VGA pinout, an voilà 13 pins find there way to a 15 pin VGA cable. The powersupply connections are way simple.


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i do realize that this post is fairly old but i was wondering if you could salvage me a copy of that home made pin out seeing as i am in the same perdicament, i have th 15 pin vga connector and i am ready to solder away i just cant for the life of me find a pinout for that video connector or power connector, and also what did you use to power the thing? any help greatly appreciated


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I just picked up a profile 4 and would like to put a mini itx mobo in. I am also interested in the vga pinout. If you could please post it that would be very helpful.

I tried to use my multimeter to trace back from the riser card but i get continuity on several pins so im unsure how to figure it out that way.


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I think ive found the vga pinouts.

All im missing now is the lcd power connector pinouts.Unfortuntly im unable to power the mobo to test the voltages.tonycjr23, do you think you could test the lcd power connector voltages on your profile 4 pc? If you have a multimeter, all you need to do is set it between 2v-20v put one probe on a ground and the other probe on each of the 5 pins to get the voltage readings.
It would be greatly appreciated if you or anyone could do that for me.

Thank you


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Hi there,
I also have Profile 4 (had it for about 6 years) and I am googling around to see if I can make it faster and one of the options is to hang a mini-itx system to the back and use the Screen.

Where you able to do this with your ITX project?
Any suggestions, PICS or ideas?



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I realize that this is old, but it is very relavant to me and the only thread with useful information that I've been able to find.

I have three of these that I would like to strip the monitors from for a triple wide setup.

To finally answer the question above, here's the power pinout:
Red: +12v
White: +5v
Black: +3.3v
Yellow: N/GND
Green: N/GND

Although I'm not sure how the original power supply was used (it has three +12v lines and three neutrals), I've tested this on two systems and wired up a desktop power supply (like this one) with success.

I just finished wiring up a vga cable to the pinout according to mahkeymike's post. If it works, I'll post my edited version of that with the correct pin numbers and my cable's coloring.