Momentary on, Momentary off, battery powered switched latching relay light

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Seeking help with a project that is supposed to represent a nurse call system similar to what one sees in hospitals or assisted living facilities. None on our team have any kind of electrical engineering education. We usually get by gathering bits of information to decide what parts we need and then trial and error to make the project work. Thanks for your response in advance.

I currently have:
power supply 8 AA batteries in holder with leads (…

12v 12mA LED light (…

1A 12VDC Double Pole Double Throw 2 Coil Latching relay(…

Momentary switches Normally Open (off) (Supplier Unkown) Written on switch as follows

If this equipment does not suffice, could you make suggestions. A detailed wiring diagram would be ideal for us, but any help is appreciated.


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This is your lucky day. I just did this for another customer yesterday.

Whenever you release the button, it switches to the other circuit, and it uses parts you already have, mostly. Come back and ask again if you need math help.