MOD Counter with scaler output

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Hello forum, I am currently studying MOD counters in my home study course. As they often do, give you assignments with questions that they never teach or put another way, give an example of.

    PROBLEM 1:

    A MOD 6 Synchronous counter that goes through the following states 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, then repeat. Outputs are obtained from state 3 and 5.

    What is the trigger rate, in pulse per second, if the output signal from state 5 is to occur two milliseconds after that from state 3?

    Here is what I know... There is an output of 1 pulse for every 3 and 5 pulse. If the output from state 5 occurs 2 millisecond after state 3, that mean that a pulse occur every 1 millisecond in all states. My guess is 1000 pulse per second. (1/.001) which is the reciprocal of time (frequency) but I am not sure. Any help will be appreciated. If they only teach these things one would not have to look to a forum for help.


    What is the impulses per second? They never mention a word about impulses, what is this and how you calculate it.

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    This is to the 190 viewers who view this thread and did not replied. I receive my test result back. The answer to the question is 1000 pulse per second.

    I was correct. We are all here to share, teach, and learn, so I hope this will help someone else with a similar question.

    Question 2 was a typo on the test so ignore that question. They meant to say pulse per second.
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    Thank you very much for coming back and posting the result. It rarely happens.

    However, don't feel neglected because of the large number of viewers. AAC has a big amount of unfrequent guests visiting the forums.