MOD-60 start/stop and reset! Need help please:(

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I am given an assignment by my lecture. We are using two 74LS93N(4 bit binary counter) ICs to build a 60 seconds stopwatch. I have no problem building MOD-60 counter from 00 - 59 and it will reset to 00 when it hits 60. I have connect the these two 74LS93N to two 7 segment LED common Anode. I use MOD-6 and MOD-10 to come up with the MOD-60 counter.

However, I do not know how to add in stop/start and reset buttons. The reset button switch will clear or reset the mod-60 counter to 00 when activated. ie, 00 until it is started again through the use of the start/stop switch.

If the mod-60 value is running , activating the start/stop switch will stop the counter at its current count value, ie, 40, which indicates a time lapse of 40 seconds from the start. Reactivating this same switch will cause the mod-60 counter to resume from this previously stopped value.

We are given one 74LS00 and one 74LS32 as well.

If possible please upload a picture of it thanks! :D


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As this is an assignment, I moved it to the homework help section.
Can you show us what you have upto now?
(post your schematic)

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