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Hello my stupid neigh... is installing mobile tower(a top of his house)and i am really concerned with my family's health.Because where i come from the government nor the telecom operators take special interest in maintaining the radiation levels(SAR). what precautions should i follow for my family's health?? my dad tried to talk to our neigh.. but he is more interest in money than his own family's health. i would have acted perfectly normal but there has been many cases in our country with people suffering from Brain Cancer. Thank You!


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hi, don't wory, be happy,,,
i know that radiolgy staf can be minimise harms by increasing milk intake (or milk product), maybe that is correct for the non-ionising high frequency radiomagnatic ray??

if the relay station antenna is over your building, I think it is less harmful for you than to the houses around it??

sorry for you, but we all need cell phone, why?!!


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If it is right next to you then u a are in a safe zone. Don't worry about it. The houses further around are the ones u shud be worried abt.


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Aluminum foil underwear..:D

With all the cellphones,transformers,microwaves,body scanners we are exposed to everyday surprising we are all not growing tails by now.

Be just as worried about Strontium-90,Cesium-137 floating around in your body..
Oh and everyone's favorite non-stick material Teflon it is in there also...

Did i forget to mention female hormones in the water supply?

In the end be more worried about crossing the street to get the mail because it's more likely to kill you.

Not to down play your concerns because you should be..but what are you going to do short of crawling into a cave.

If you really want it gone call and tattle on everything he does, gotta be at least one ordinance he is skirting somewhere.

best of luck.

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If it is right next to you then u a are in a safe zone. Don't worry about it. The houses further around are the ones u shud be worried abt.
can you please tell me why???
i heard about this but didn't find any explanation.
The Tower is next to my house(yeah houses are close together). my neighbors has a two story building and the tower is kept at the top.


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If your neighbor is using only a receiver then you have nothing to worry about.

If he has a transmitter then you need to know the frequency bands and the power levels.

Do you know these things?


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Actually the radiation levels vary, depending on usage. Even maintenance issues can affect how much radiation is currently producing.

Radiation around a single cell tower may not be uniform , there can be hot and cold spots.

Measurement with a suitable meter is the only way to know how much radiation you are receiving at a particular spot.

But it seems that 400 metres is a safe distance for most people, and smaller distances may also be safe in some cases.


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The radiation emitted from antennas is non-ionizing. You have nothing to worry about, unless your TV goes screwy whenever he hits the transmit key.

As for teflon absorbed, I thought that was a good thing? Doesn't it help the blood cells squeeze through clogged arteries a bit better?


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As Papabravo said, you should find out what exactly he is going to transmit with this antenna.

If some hobbiest for example tried to do some experiments with a big satellite dish and a magnetron from an industrial microwave oven to do some long distance very low bitrate OOK communication and the dish was pointing into my direction I would be concerned.:D

We know stupid ideas exist.

If this is a normal antenna professionally installed respecting radiation levels there is nothing to worry about. At least there are no reliable studies I've heard of proving that broadcasting frequencies and power levels are dangerous to human health.


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He could be installing a HAM radio antenna. Why not make friends with him and find out what he's up to? Not all Hams are stupid neighbors.