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thank you for reply , but can you explain more detail , what mean newer uC? what mean host?
By newer uC I mean a newer microcontroller like a PIC32 or ARM Cortex, something with native usb support. USB comes in 3 flavors, HOST, DEVICE, and OTG (On The Go). Host is like your PC computer or USB hub. Device is your flash drive or flightstick. OTG allow switching between the two where you can plug your device into a PC and use it as a DEVICE, then turn around and plug a flash drive into it and use it as a HOST. I believe some Digital Camera's use this. But anyways you may be able to take a newer Microcontroller with native OTG or HOST support and then use a cheapo bluetooth dongle to give it BT. You would basically have to write the uC equivelent of drivers for your chip though and I'm not familiar with that. Your other option is to get a BT wireless chip to connect to your chip. There are some already made Arduino's with BT support and I'm sure others make some too.

This is basically exactly what I'm talking about. Looks like you can just buy the software too if you have the arduino and BT chip.

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I am found out that the PIC18F4550 also have the USB support , is that same as what do you recommended to me the PIC32.

i know that the bluetooth module also can perform the same task and more easy for me to do the connection between the mobile phone and the microcontroller but the main problem is the bluetooth module is too expensive to me.

and can you suggest any website or any book that have particular reference?
Thank for you helping
Why are you going for high end micros, use a bluetooth module which have USART port. So you can easily connect to any microcontroller easily.
Then write a program for your mobile to send/receive data to the microcontroller through bluetooth.