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    Question 1)
    Their has been 5 generations 0G , 1G , 2G , 3G ,4G plus some in between generations ,...etc

    I am wondering how backwards compatibly or forward compatibly the generations are for different phone providers?

    Question 2)
    Are AT&T , Verizon , T-mobile , Sprint the only major cell networks/providers in the United States?

    Question 3)
    How compatibly is their hardware / modulation ,...etc what networks in theory could you interchange your service with (forgetting for a moment the legal issues of breaking a contract etc..)
    Like a phone made for At&t networks could it be switch to a Verizon or other network..... without changing the hardware or is the modulation schemes and hardware to transmit totally not compatible?
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    Feb 10, 2009
    Q1 - Most, if not all, 3G phones will be 2G (GSM) compatable as not everywhere has 3G coverage but most places have 2G coverage.

    Q2 - Hmm, don't know as I'm not in the US. Try here

    To answer Q3, assuming your phone is not locked to a provider by a sim lock then you should be able to take your sim for operator 'A' or operator 'B' and use it in the phone. A lot of phones will be "branded" so the software will be configured to suit a particular operators services (i.e. logo wallpaper etc) but this is at the user/GUI level and not the OS/Engine level.

    There are a large number of functional requirements that the phone hardware/software must meet - I'm not talking at the GUI level but at the 'engine' level. Have a look at if you want to see some of the specs (there's 1,000's of pages of technical requirements so I'll give you a few days to read them all :)).
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    Jul 21, 2008
    ok , for question 2
    I googled and found that at&t, t-mobile , verizion , sprint are the biggest cell phone providers / main ones in the US.

    However I would like to know the percentage of which provider has what (customer wise) and how much the other providers have something like a pie chart . i.e at&t has 30% of customers that use cell phones , verizion 20% ,...etc
    others 5% ...etc

    Also what cell provider companies have /own the cell phone towers and equipment ?
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